Python is one of the first languages I learnt, and as a result it's also the language I'm best at. I really like how easy to use Python is, but at the same time you can do almost anything with it!


One of my earlier projects is ArcadePy. The aim of this project is to replicate classic arcade games. Currently I've only completed Pong, but there's definitely more to come!

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PyDesktop is the result of an inside joke combined with a failed experiment. We were joking a bit about building an operating system in Python and I really wanted to build something for Github's Arctic Code Vault but really didn't have much time. It's absolutely broken to hell and I really doubt anyone would find it useful for anything, but check it out for yourself I guess.

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WinBSOD is a small program written in Python that is meant to cause a Blue Screen of Death on Windows. The method used is inserting \\.\GLOBALROOT\Device\ConDrv\KernelConnect into a browser.

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KonradBot is a Discord bot I'm currently building for a Discord server I'm in. A lot of the commands / triggers are jokes probably nobody will understand but it's a pretty fun project.

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